Intallation involves getting the program's package (either as a file structure or as a jar file - xulmaker uses a jar file) copied to Mozilla's "chrome" directory and having the package registered in the chrome registry. This can be a very complicated operation if done manually but fortunately there's a one click solution. Clicking on a link to an xpi file accomplishes all this in one step - the package downloads to your "chrome" directory and is then registered in the chrome registry. We refer to this as an "XPI INSTALL".

We provide a little bit of flexibility for those who want more control in performing the installation. A simple two step process separates out the download so that you have a local copy of the xpi file - the xpi file is downloaded to a location of your choice, and then you execute the local xpi file to copy it to your "chrome" directory and register it in the chrome registry. We refer to this as an "XPI DOWNLOAD".

Another method is to download the program's package as a jar file and then to copy this, either as a jar file or unzipped, into the chrome directory and to manually perform the chrome registration. We refer to this as a "JAR DOWNLOAD".

XULMaker Version 0.51

XULMaker Version 0.50

XULMaker Version 0.40


There are several possible ways of launching XULMaker after it has been installed successfully.

(1) Launching from a menuitem in Mozilla (or Netscape)

When xulmaker is installed, it creates a XULMaker menuitem on the Tools | Web Development menu of your Mozilla browser. The command of this menuitem launches xulmaker to run in its own window. Similarly, a Book - Creating Applications with Mozilla menuitem is created on the Tools | Web Development menu of your Mozilla browser, as well as on the Help menu of the xulmaker application, when installing mozilla_book.

(2) Launching from a command line

In addition, you could launch xulmaker with the command:
./mozilla.exe -chrome chrome:/xulmaker/content/, where the "." should be replaced by the path name of the mozilla installation. On a Windows platform you could create a desktop icon (start by copying the mozilla icon) and setting the properties to this command.

The xulmaker project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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