In the process of developing XULMaker we had to develop an XML schema for XUL. (The XUL schema is a specification for the XML based XUL language.) To test the XUL schema and the workings of the API to the schema as used by XULMaker which uses XPath to access the schema, we developed XPathEvaluator.

The XUL Schema (xul.xsd) may be viewed as a XUL Schema source file.

The XUL Schema may also be viewed as a XUL Schema document, where the XUL Schema file is transformed into an HTML page by applying an XSLT stylesheet (schema2html.xslt). (Since this is a massive transformation, be patient and allow as much as two minutes for the document to appear.) The XSLT stylesheet (schema2html.xslt) may be viewed as a stylesheet source file.

XPathEvaluator provides you with the ability to read an XML file, e.g. XUL Schema, and then to enter XPath expressions. The results of evaluating each XPath expression is then displayed. If the XML file is an XML Schema, e.g. XUL Schema, it also provides the ability to display a list of the schema's elements, it's corresponding attributes and it's corresponding attribute values

Launch XPath Evaluator within your browser. (This only works in a browser that supports XUL and has JSLib installed.)

Launch XPathEvaluator in it's own popup window. (This only works in a browser that supports XUL and has JSLib installed.)

(Sorry, but the program is now broken in this context. The program launches but doesn't read the XUL Schema file. Perhaps the security model has changed since Mozilla 1.3 when this was last working or its an issue with JSLib. If you get the source from the CVS repository it should work as it did originally.)

What's New
  • (20 December 2002) After a long adjournment, XULMaker is brought back to life with the release of version 0.40
  • (25 November 2002) The project was adopted by Franklin de Graaf (
  • (03 March 2001) This site was originally built and launched by Michael Hearn. The first release was version 0.10
  • The book "Creating Applications with Mozilla" is available here as a help document. It installs as a separate package, adding a menuitem to the Tools | Web Development menu in your browser.

The xulmaker project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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